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Book Review: Dark Blue Rising by Teri Terry (Circles Trilogy #1)

Tabby lives a transient life moving around with her mother, Cate. She has strict rules, no school, no talking to strangers, no friends, no technology. So when Tabby breaks one of the rules and befriends local boy Jago, it is her first mistake as it sets into motion a series of events that has devastating effects on her life.

After being involved in an accident, Tabby is taken into hospital, but when doctors start questioning Cate, she sneaks Tabby out of the hospital and they go on the run.

Tabby doesn’t understand what’s happening, but she trusts Cate and they leave everything behind including her friendship with Jago. Tabby’s second mistake was breaking the no phones rule by using a public phonebox to call Jago. The call is traced, Cate is arrested and Tabby is told some terrifying truths.

In her confusion she begins to suspect that everything she has been told is a lie. To find some control in her life she focuses on swimming. Being in the water is the only time she feels any sense of normality so when she is invited to join an elite swimming camp she agrees. This was her third mistake.

There is something very sinister happening in the camp, people are going missing and there are strange goings in locked areas of the school. Tabby does not know who to trust, all the students are under 24 hour surveillance so leaving the school undetected is impossible, but Tabby knows she needs to escape.

This is a thrilling read, as the story unfolds it gains momentum with so many questions and so much intrigue. Why did Cate do what she did? What is the meaning behind the interlocking symbols that haunt Tabby? Why is the clinic who treats Tabby also based at the swim camp? How do the students manage to hold their breath longer than should be humanly possible and why do some of them leave so suddenly? What is different about Tabby’s blood and DNA? Is everyone lying to her? Questions, questions, questions…

The only negative comment I have is that we have to wait until July 2021 for the sequel ‘Red Sky Burning’! But this is a great read for anyone who likes a dystopian thriller full of mystery.

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